Cool Psychological

cool psychological tests
Digital Physiognomy
This program uses face traits to identify the psychological characteristics.
Inquisit Speech Recognition Components
It's a software used for creating and administering numerous cognitive measures.
Millisecond Software
New Magic Rituals
This program uses the most up-to-date psychological techniques.

Cool Psychological

The Park
Psychological horror game for Windows OS.
Inquisit by Millisecond Software
Inquisit is general purpose psychological measurement software.
Millisecond Software, LLC
Procedurally generated psychological thriller game for your PC.
Zombie Studios
ABAS-II Intervention Planner and Scoring Assistant
Enhanced software makes evaluating infants through to adolescents even easier.
The Psychological Corporation
Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut is a psychological horror game.
Jasper Byrne
Montagues Mount
Montague's Mount is a first person psychological game.
PolyPusher Studios Ltd.
Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut
This is a psychological survival horror, where you should escape from the city.
Jasper Byrne

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Cool Psychological

Phantasmagoria - A Puzzle of Flesh
Phantasmagoria : A Puzzle of Flesh is a psychological horror game.
Sierra Entertainment
Inquisit Web
You can administer precision psychological measures over the web.
Millisecond Software
Neverending Nightmare
It is a game where you try to overcome your nightmare and wake up to reality.
Infinitap Games
The Emptiness
A psychological adventure game where you are trapped in a mysterious house.
Hooligans Entertainment
Decay The Mare
Psychological horror adventure game.
Shining Gate Software
Dungeon Nightmares II The Memory
Dungeon Nightmares II is a first-person psychological horror.
K Monkey
The Town of Light
Find Renee's diary and follow all the hints off this psychological adventure.
Left Alone
A psychological horror game set in believable environment.
Volumetric Games